If you're in the mood for a night out on the town, try Mac's at 19 Broadway. The Roaring '20s-themed bar offers live music on a regular basis, as well as pb&js and open-mike nights. If you're looking for a less formal, more casual atmosphere, you can try the cozy patio. Mac's was a popular spot for local bands and musicians in the 1970s.

Mac's at 19 Broadway is a cocktail bar with live music

With an extensive list of craft beer and wine, Mac's at 19 Broadway Fairfax CA features live music almost every night. Live music and a laid-back vibe are the hallmarks of this long-running neighborhood bar. Open mike nights and live performances at a variety of venues offer plenty of opportunities to hear a wide range of artists. Patio seating is available during warmer months, and the friendly staff is always willing to help patrons plan a great night out. The long-running bar also hosts a variety of open mike nights and features a music stage.

Its eclectic musical lineup includes jazz, classical, and local rock bands. The bar also offers a carefully curated craft beer and wine list. Whether you're looking for a good time with friends or to enjoy an evening out with your special someone, Mac's at 19 Broadway is a great option.

It has a Roaring '20s decor

The Long-running bar in Fairfax, Virginia, offers live music and open-mike nights. With patio seating, it has an upbeat and relaxed vibe. Local musicians and singers perform regularly here. This is the perfect place to start your evening with live music or meet your friends. You'll also find great food and drink specials here, too. A great place to start your night in Fairfax is Mac's at 19 Broadway.

Until the recent earthquake, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway was the center of the Fairfax rock scene. Local rock bands played here nearly every night. The town's aristocracy often frequented the club. Although the bar has changed considerably, the live music is still available. Local bands perform classic rock and new riffs. The bar features a full bar and patio seating for patrons.

It hosts pb&js

Before the 2010 earthquake, Mac's at 19 Broadway was a hub of Fairfax's vibrant music scene, featuring live music nightly and frequented by local rock bands and San Francisco aristocrats. After the earthquake, the local restaurant shifted to a more family-oriented atmosphere and continued to host local bands and musicians. Now, despite the new focus on family dining, Mac's is still a hotspot for live music.

The venue offers upscale cocktails and a VIP room for private parties. Mac's 19 Broadway is a converted ice cream parlor that opened in 2007. The bar has since been refurbished and renovated by the new owners, including owner, Michael McCarthy, who also owned the ice cream parlor until it closed recently. The new Mac's team has spent hours updating the bar's ambiance.

It was a hotbed of live music in the 1970s

Before the quake, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway was the epicenter of the Fairfax rock scene. Local rock bands would play at the venue nearly every night, and aristocrats from San Francisco would frequent it as well. While the venue still hosts local rock bands, it had difficulty attracting rock fans as the town began to gentrify. The bar and patio seating provided a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The John Marshall Library is hosting a fundraiser for the library. Donated vinyl LPs will be sold for a dime. The band Zaug will play covers of the '70s and '80s classics and DJ Donnell Robinson from Chi Dr. Productions will spin records. The event is free and open to the public, and proceeds from the record sales will benefit the Fairfax Library Foundation.

It has undergone a major renovation

A former rock and roll bar that provided live entertainment on stage, Mac's at 19 Broadway is undergoing a major makeover. The bar, which used to be known as the "Palace of Live Music" in Fairfax, will now feature a new name and style and will host a new event for its patrons. The former "Palace of Live Music" is now a cocktail bar and retro-themed venue that fills a niche in the nightlife scene in Fairfax.

Located on the corner of Broadway and Melrose, Mac's was originally located on Fairfax between Beverly Hills and Melrose. In 2008, the restaurant's owner, Mark Flanagan, decided to move it to the old Coronet Theatre on La Cienega. Flanagan's Largo was originally a landmark venue that featured the premiere of Bertolt Brecht's "Galileo Galilei" and Kenneth Anger's experimental film, "Fireworks." In recent years, the club has hosted acts such as Nickel Creek, Jon Brion, and Aimee Mann. Guests are warned to respect the performance's artists and avoid taking pictures while the show is taking place.