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Is San Jose del Cabo Safe?



San Jose del Cabo is one of the safest cities in all of México!
There have been no major incidents directly related to the mainland drug cartels in Southern Baja.

Is San Jose del Cabo safe?  The quick answer to the question is definitely yes.  San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas may be the two safest cities in all of México.  A large number of people think that the cities of Baja California Sur are safer than most cities in the United States.  Of course there is crime here, it's everywhere in the world, but most local crime is minor.  San Jose del Cabo is a city where tourists should not feel the least bit threatened.  As anywhere, there are places that should be avoided and there are places that can be considered to be much safer than others. 

You would not put off a trip to Southern California because of the gang wars in Los Angeles that are constantly causing death and mayhem in the city's neighborhoods and outlying suburbs.  What about visiting Florida or Louisiana where the death rates are some of the highest in the United States, mostly due to local drug gangs!  Millions of people vacation in these states regularly, they don't think twice about going, and they return safely.

Local officials have done a lot recently to make sure that this area stays safe.  In Cabo San Lucas there is a dedicated tourist police force and a special branch office of the Ministerio Publico, which is pretty much the same as a District Attorney in the U.S.  Their office is located in the Puerto Paraiso mall, on the second floor near the Caliente Sports Book, in the Business Center.  It is right next door to InterCam, which is a money exchange office.   The new office actually has the word "Turismo" etched on the glass front door (remember where you are).  This office serves San Jose del Cabo, and the East Cape, as well as Cabo San Lucas.

This new office is staffed by Veronica Ortega, an attorney who is fluent in English, as is her staff.  Her only job is to handle any crimes that may happen to tourists, and to handle them quickly!  Anything from a minor (or major) crash in your rental car, lost or stolen purse or credit cards, even shake downs for bribes by the local police - they will do their best to get your problems resolved while you are still in town, which is a miraculous concept in México.  This is a far better solution than having to go to the local police, who speak no English at all and are really tuned in to the importance of tourism.  The office hours are 9 AM to 3 PM, but you can call her cell phone any time.  If you need assistance you can call the office at 143-0993.  Her cell phone number is (624) 355-8662.  This office is not for consumer complaints, only crimes against tourists.

You will not find this type of dedication to the safety of tourists anywhere else in México. These measures speak loudly about how important the local government feels about protecting our tourists.  The city, state and even the federal governments are ready to expand on programs that are already in place to make sure Cabo San Lucas, and all of Los Cabos, stays safe.  This, of course, includes the safety of our visitors.

Here is some common sense advise that applies to any place in the world you may travel.  Be polite!  Common courtesy is one of the best forms of diplomacy that you can display. Do not wear expensive watches or jewelry away from your hotel and never flash large sums of cash (again, these rules apply anywhere in the world). Keep any important documents, your passport (carry a copy), extra credit cards or large sums of cash in a locked security box at your hotel.  Don't walk around the downtown area in the wee hours of the morning, that is just asking for trouble.  Don't drink openly on the streets, it is easy to become a target for unsavory types, or the local police.  If you are out drinking late (early morning) have the bar or restaurant call a cab for you. 

Enjoy San Jose del Cabo - Please keep this part of the incredible Baja peninsula clean!

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